Atlantic City, baby!

Last Monday (the 11th), otherwise known as Columbus “holiday”, I didn’t have to work (and Brett didn’t want to work) so we decided to take advantage of the ‘free’ day by making a trip down to Atlantic City. It’s a quick hour drive from our house and we got to see some beautiful foliage along […]

Ridley Creek Park Hike

This past weekend Kate and I found another stellar hike – Ridley Creek State Park. They offer a total of 12 miles worth of trails – 4 hiking and 1 paved multi-use trail where bikes are allowed. After decyphering the directions (or lack thereof) we found our way into the park and picked a trail. […]

Weekly Round-up #2

I admit, it’s been much more than a week since the first round-up was posted and here’s my rationale: now that we’re pretty settled in, things have slowed down a bit and I wanted to wait until there were enough news-worthy items to share…so there. Overall, Philly is treating us mighty well…we’ve already found some […]

Our first bike ride!

Moving to a city with less-congested streets than Chicago was incentive enough for Kate to get a new bike for the first time since childhood…yay! Besides, with campus only about a 15-minute ride from the house it’ll be a great way to save on bus fare. AND just a few minutes from us is the […]

Where the Magic Happens…

Here it is – our new home! So far it’s treating us well (despite not having A/C for a few days) and we’re about 96% settled into the place. We definitely still have paper writing service some updates to make to the bathroom and office, mostly cosmetic things to organize a bit and make it […]

Weekly Round-up #1

Now that we, and our stuff, have been living here for a full week, we thought we’d share some of the key things we’ve learned: 1) Neighborhoods here change even quicker than in Chicago. We were told not to park on the cross-street north of our house because it’s not so great, but at the […]

Dinner and a movie

Some homemade pasta primavera, wine, top chef and some homemade peanut butter cookies. Yum! Slowly adjusting to our new life and home, Brett and Kate

Deja vue all over again

Slowly but surely we are unpacking and settling in.  Unfortunately, we have had a few breakages that are starting to add up.  Its impressive there are not more things damaged considering the condition of some of the boxes and the way the movers carried things in.  Yikes.  I guess I need to look up the […]

We have arrived!

Short story: we got to Philadelphia Monday evening, picked up the keys to our house, and finally got to see our new home! cialis 5 mg buy Long story: After not hearing from the moving company all weekend, we decided we were going to call them first thing Monday morning to see what the status […]

Double fire

Both the sky and the water were on fire hanging with Justin and Hedda in NY waiting for the Movers to call. homework help – Getting lit ourselves, Brett and Kate