Balancing Act

While Kate was in the midst of finishing up her first year of grad school (yay!), Brett has been REALLY busy with work, and somewhere in between there’s a pup being raised! So far, the transition to dog-owners has been pretty smooth, largely thanks to watching hours of The Dog Whisperer before bringing Basil home, but […]

Papers, Projects, & Puppy!

Whew! The past few months have been extremely busy/overwhelming/exhausting, hence the lack of blogging, and for the first time in way too long I have a few spare minutes – yay! Papers- School has been even more intense than the first 2 quarters, thanks in part to 6 class hours of research a week in […]

Living the college life…again.

And so it began…the whole reason we moved here…classes have officially started! Overall, the topics are amazing, most of the professors viagra tabs are very approachable and extremely knowledgeable, and I’ve already spent 40 hours with my 21 classmates (looks like we’ll be getting to know each other very well, indeed!). The coursework is heavy, […]