We're Married! (life update)

The Gilberts It’s been 3+ months since our wedding and there are 3 things I can say for sure: 1) we miss having all of our friends and family in one place, 2) we miss the beautiful Charleston weather, and 3) we are absolutely loving married life! While the whole thing feels like a bit […]

Canadian Adventure! (Aventure Canadienne!)

As an early Christmas present, Brett surprised Kate with a trip up to Niagara Falls, since she had never been and we’re staying less than 2 hours away. From the moment we woke up on Wednesday we were skeptical about how successful the trip would be since it was cold and oh so rainy! Regardless, […]

End of Year Update

In case you were worried, we ARE still alive…just busy, busy, busy! Kate’s schedule this past quarter took some getting used to, with lots of very long days and late nights full of work…but it seems the hard work has paid off with another term of straight A’s. Over the next, and last, two quarters […]

Our Hard-earned Vacation

After finishing my comprehensive exam on Friday June 24th, Brett and I set off on Sunday the 26th for a nine-day stay with Brett’s parents in Lakeville, New York. The weather was fantastic, the food (& drinks) were plentiful, & the company was the best we could ask for! We did a lot, while also […]

Balancing Act

While Kate was in the midst of finishing up her first year of grad school (yay!), Brett has been REALLY busy with work, and somewhere in between there’s a pup being raised! So far, the transition to dog-owners has been pretty smooth, largely thanks to watching hours of The Dog Whisperer before bringing Basil home, but […]

Introducing Basil

We hope you are prepared for the onslaught of cute that follows. You have been warned. Monday afternoon we headed toward Gettysburg, PA (a quick 2 hour road trip) to meet and pick up our new puppy Basil. He is a 10 week old Black & Tan Shiba Inu that we purchased from Rodel Shibas, […]

Papers, Projects, & Puppy!

Whew! The past few months have been extremely busy/overwhelming/exhausting, hence the lack of blogging, and for the first time in way too long I have a few spare minutes – yay! Papers- School has been even more intense than the first 2 quarters, thanks in part to 6 class hours of research a week in […]

Found it! (aka BUSTED)

Update to the missing car saga… As it turns out, the car was stolen.  Just about 3 weeks into the 4 week wait period (30 day wait to get paid by the insurance company for a stolen car) I got a call from the police saying they found my call. They had picked it up […]

Wait, where did I park my car?

Yup, it’s true. The city of brotherly love showed me its kind heart this past week. I parked my car Wednesday evening and when I went to go pick up our friend from the airport Friday morning, my car was no where in sight.  The spot where I parked the car is on a street […]

Don’t worry, we’re still here!

Hopefully no one has been as distressed as I have been about not blogging in almost a month – I sure have missed it! Being busy is no excuse, but barely having time to sleep means having extra time to blog hasn’t really been an option. The first week of this month marked the beginning […]